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Why Do Dual Colon Cleansers Bring You More Benefits?

Why Do Dual Colon Cleansers Bring You More Benefits?Before we get started, let’s consider some basics about our colon and its functions.

Digestion is the process in which ingested food is broken down in the alimentary canal into a form that can be absorbed and assimilated by the tissues of the body.

Digestion includes the mechanical processes of chewing and grinding the food, as well as the chemical action of digestive enzymes and other substances, such as bile and acids as they work to breakdown the food.

Chemical digestion begins in the mouth with the action of saliva on food, but most of it takes place in the stomach and small intestine where the food is subjected to gastric juices, pancreatic juices, and “succus entericus” or intestinal juice.

The colon is charged with the job of breaking down the waste products from the digested food that came from the small intestine, into dehydrated feces that are ready for expulsion from the system, through a bowel movement.

The colon has no digestive function but it does absorb large amounts of water and electrolytes from the food particles as they are processed into feces. The food debris is moved through the colon by rhythmic contractions of the colons muscles called, “peristaltic movements.”

The colon is comprised of four sections, which are the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colons.

Most know the importance of taking good care of our intestinal organs and are well aware of the risks of ingesting toxic substances into our bodies. What some don’t know, is that we often ingest toxins by eating processed foods or foods that contain preservatives.

This just adds more urgency to the need for colonic cleansing.

Colonic Irrigation

One way to fully cleanse our colon is by way of a colonic irrigation.

Why Do Dual Colon Cleansers Bring You More Benefits?This is accomplished by washing out the contents of the colon by flushing it with an enema, using water or with a mild soapy solution. An enema inserts water into the rectum through a tube passed into the anus.

An “evacuant enema”, one that uses mild soapy water or olive oil, is used to remove feces. During a “therapeutic enema” medication is inserted into the rectum in order to treat an existing medical condition in the colon.

More often than not, this medication consists of corticosteroids in the treatment of proctocolitis.


After the age of 50, or if your doctor prescribes it in order to eliminate a symptom as a structural disease, you may require a procedure known as colonoscopy.

A colonoscopy is a procedure that enables a doctor to “see” inside the interior of the entire colon and rectum using a flexible illuminated fiber optics, video camera.

The colonoscope is introduce into the anus and guided up the colon by a combination of visual and X-ray controls. It is possible to obtain specimens for microscopic examination using flexible forceps passed through the colonoscope and to remove polyps using a diathermy snare.

Obviously, this procedure is only preformed by a qualified doctor.

Why Do Dual Colon Cleansers Bring You More Benefits?The colonscopy is a pretty invasive procedure that will not sit well for some people, but it is invaluable for eliminating structural diseases as the cause of your problems.

Thankfully there are many different methods for cleaning your colon and returning its healthy function.

Dual Colon Cleansers

A dual colon cleanser is one of the best approaches to get control of your colon and restore it to it to peak performance.

Over time, toxins build up and feces cling to the walls of your colon, so you have to take the time to flush your system to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for serious disease.

Even though you try to consume a normal diet, there are substances that can’t be avoided that must be removed from the colon.

Fortunately for those who do not require the invasive colonoscopy procedure, there are many formulations that include the use of a pill to end constipation, as well as a pill that will restore your digestive system.

Taking a dual colon cleanser is preferable for most people that don’t want to go through an enema or colonic irrigation.

For many, the weight lose is a beneficial side affect of a dual colon cleansing.

Colon cleansing can put a stop to diarrhea, constipation, irregularity and can aid in the prevention of the development of serious diseases in the colon, such as colon cancer.

Weight management is all the rage now, but despite the fad, maintaining your appropriate weight is very beneficial to your overall health.

It is essential to see if the product you use helps you go to the toilet more frequently. If it does, it may be only half of the answer to your problem.

More often than not, you need to accompany the colon cleanse with a change in diet that will help to prevent re occurrence of your symptoms.

Dual colon cleansers provide the complete colon cleanse because they rid the body of built up waste and restore the microorganism balance that is essential for healthy micro flora.

There are many products to choose from, so it is important that you do your research and select the product that is best suited to your condition. The time that you spend researching the various products is time well spent, because your health is the most important thing that you have.

A clean colon that has a well balanced micro flora is going to energize you and enable you to do things that you could only dream about before.