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What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?

Understanding just what functions the colon performs is really critical knowledge for you to have so that you can determine just what type of colon cleansing process you want to use.

It normally takes 18-24 hours for material to pass through the colon as opposed to the 3-5 hours required for the movement of chyme, the semi-fluid thick mass that is the product of the partial digestion of food in the stomach, to pass through the small intestine. While in the colon, chyme is converted into feces.

What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?The process of turning chyme into feces requires the absorption of water and salts, the secretion of mucus, and the extensive interaction of the microorganisms of the micro flora with the feces.

The colon stores the feces until they are eliminated by a process called defecation.

There are a lot of microorganisms that live in the colon. They reproduce rapidly and by the time the feces is excreted from the body, the make up approximately 30% of the dry weight of the feces.

There are certain bacteria in the colon that synthesize vitamin K and other vitamins, which are absorbed into the blood stream through the walls of the colon.

There are many diseases of the colon that cover the spectrum from minor to life threatening.

Diseases commonly associated with constipation can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diverticular disease. The symptoms of these diseases include weakness, immobility, fatigue, and in some cases, an inability to produce enough intra-abdominal pressure to facilitate the passage of stools.

Some Causes Of Constipation

What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?Some people may develop constipation because they delay defecation to the point where the stool increases in size to where it becomes too hard to pass. A word to the wise, when you feel the urge, it is best to go with it!

In the western world, constipation is also caused by the wrong kind of diet. Diets that are low in fiber and high in fat content, coupled with low water intake can lead to constipation.

Other contributors are a lack of regular exercise and a stress-filled lifestyle. Stress can affect all parts of your body, and your colon is no exception.

The mind can play a major role in constipation in what is called “perceived constipation.” perceived constipation occurs when an individual’s bowel elimination pattern is not consistent with what he or she “perceives” as normal. This can lead to the chronic use of laxatives which opens the door to many complications in the colon.

We live in a much different world than our ancestors did. They grew their own crops and hunted for their food, in other words, everything that they consumed was fresh.

Our foods are readily available in any market, but most of them are over processed and contain preservatives. Preservatives produce toxins in the body, that over time, can lead to a colon cancer.

The best thing that you can do is to remove the toxins from your colon before they develop into something serious.

Fortunately the body tends to warn you when something is going wrong. If you experience abdominal pain, it is best to consult your physician.

Your doctors efforts will be directed towards discovering the cause of your symptoms, and then, working to relieve the abdominal pain, control the diarrhea or constipation and, ultimately, reducing your stress.

Part of this process will involve, the elimination of foods that are acting as irritants such as caffeinated products, fried foods, alcohol, spicy foods and any foods that contain that preservatives.

Your physician will most likely recommend a colon cleansing.

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing should be performed by everyone on a yearly basis, because you need to remove the toxins in your colon that build up over time.

What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?Even though you may think that you are fine and don’t need to think about colon cleansing because you are healthy and you live an active lifestyle, there are many benefits that you can gain from a yearly colon cleanse.

The reason that even healthy eaters need to perform this procedure is because our bodies not only take up toxins from the food preservatives, but also from the chemicals that were used, like pesticides, to protect the food while it was growing.

Some of the toxins from the pesticides that were used on your vegetables can end up trapped in your colon walls where they can be absorbed into the blood stream.

It is advisable to eat organic foods whenever you can.

There many ways to cleanse the colon, but it is important that with whatever method that you choose, you should be sure it includes a detoxification process.

The following are a some of the most popular procedures.

Herbal Supplements

The natural method includes products like psyllium husk, flax seeds, or slippery elm.

What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?These can be found in any health food store. When added to an increase in fiber in the diet, these will facilitate a through cleansing of the colon with the added benefit of not introducing chemicals that may be toxic to the body.

There are many natural herbs that have been time tested to be effective in cleaning the colon.

It is wise to consult an expert herbalist in order to see which natural herbs will benefit you the most.

Some people can have adverse reactions to certain herbs, so it is wise to consult your physician to discuss any concerns that you might have. It is uncommon, but some people can have allergies to some of these herbs.

The natural, herbal treatment can effectively cleanse the colon, but it does tend to take longer than some of the other remedies, so some people may not want to invest the time. We do live in an “I want it now” world.

The benefits of the natural herb method far outweigh the length of time it takes for the results to come in. You should seriously consider it before moving on to some of the more invasive procedures.


The “traditional” use of laxatives is to aid people who have problems with their bowel movements, or as it is commonly called, constipation.

Laxatives can be useful with chronic constipation due to dehydration, but once you have performed the “temporary fix” it is important to look at your diet and to be sure to drink an adequate amount of water to avoid reoccurance.

Many people use laxatives for colon cleansing.

The overall effect, of course, is increased bowel movement, which might or might not remove significant portions of trapped waste.

When a person eats too much meat, laxatives in syrup or tablet forms, are used to help eliminate the undigested food by-products in the colon.

It is important to exercise caution with the use of laxatives for colon cleansing because using laxatives repeatedly can result in weight loss and dehydration.


What Are Your Options To Cleanse The Colon?


One way to fully cleanse our colon is through the use of an enema. This is done by washing out the contents of the colon by inserting water, with or without a mild soap or medications into the colon. With an enema, the fluid is infused into the rectum through a tube passed into the anus. An evacuant enema, which has a mildly soapy solution or olive oil, is used to remove feces. A therapeutic enema is used to insert drugs into the rectum usually consisting of corticosteroids for the treatment of proctocolitis.



Hydrocolonics are introduced to the colon through a sterilized hose and pump system, that pushes water through the colon, using low pressure produced by the pump.

The water washes the colon, releasing debris and material from the folds in the colon walls, as well as breaking apart food that has not been completely digested.

Hydrocolonics are normally performed with sterilized water.

The end of the hose, called the speculum, is a disposable sterilized piece that, along with the sterilized hose, ensures that all of the parts that enter the body are clean. There are two tubes that are used in the procedure.

One is inserted in the anus and one that goes into the upper digestive track, or small intestine. One tube flushes the water through your system, and the other drains the fluid and waste products from your body.

Always seek advice from a health provider and be sure to follow the directions on the package of whatever remedy that you choose to use.

Not following the correct protocols can often leave you with more problems than you started with.

Once you’ve completed your colon cleanse, you should have more energy and you will also benefit from an immediate weight loss. It is then up to you to change your diet and maintain the benefits that you have gained from the colon cleanse.

I have listed these four methods in the order of their expense, with the least expensive listed first.

If you are concerned about expense, there are many options available to you. You might just want to consider how a little expense in preventive medicine might save you a bundle over putting colon cleansing off, until you have developed a serious problem.

Do yourself a favor and begin a colon cleansing treatment as soon as you can. The benefits that you derive from a complete colon cleansing far outweigh any expenditures of money and time.